What Impact has CHE had on the Communities of Nicaragua in 2015?

As of January 30, 2016

The CHE Association of Nicaragua has reached the following number of individuals in the area of Leon:

• 180 kids involved with Children’s CHE
• 225 women involved with CHE
• 140 women involved in learning skills, such as baking sewing, beauty and improving pottery skills
• 10 family gardens

In the 8 Jicaro communities:

• 8 local community trainers
• 75 women working in sewing
• 60 women working in baking
• 10 family gardens
• 120 in discipleship groups
• 46 people received advanced training via TOT2 classes
• 46 participated in micro-business training

In Somotillo-Santa Rosa

• 3 women are working with CHE Managua
• 145 kids attend Children’s CHE at the Esperanza en Cristo (Hope in Christ) church
• 25 attend CHE discipleship groups
• 9 women in the Wholistic Restoration group

The CHE Association of Nicaragua is starting a new program in East Nicaragua (the Caribbean side) in Rosita soon and working with FUMIN (www.fuminic.com).

A new missionary couple from Germany is partnering with the CHE Association of Nicaragua. They will be working with micro-business initiatives and natural medicine.

The Eastern Nicaraguan (Caribbean side) city of Rosita has asked for CHE training and the CHE Association of Nicaragua will soon begin CHE training in Rosita.

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