Partnership In HOPE 2019 Christmas Newsletter



Merry Christmas to all our friends and supporters.  2019 has been a hard year for many persons throughout the world and especially for the people of Nicaragua.  They have experienced very difficult times that have resulted in our CHE servant leaders getting more involved in helping the communities grow gardens, raise pigs and chickens and use their skills to bring more income into their households.  In spite of hard times God has blessed their efforts. Samaritans Purse, World Vision and several European and Nicaraguan nonprofits have worked with CHE Nicaragua to do the following:

Children's CHE graduation Class 2019Photo: Some of the Children’s CHE graduates

  • Tutor and teach Children’s CHE to over 1,620 students in after school programs
  • 84 individuals continue to be trained in micro-enterprise skills with 15 women have started sewing businesses and another 10 women have started baking businesses
  • Six young men are being trained to be electricians
  • Many savings clubs/groups have been formed to enable families to save for education and emergencies
  • Two communities are using donated motorcycles to earn money to support CHE programs
  • Over 110 elderly have benefited from donated wheelchairs, walkers and crutches and have been supported through a new Elder CHE program started by our associates which currently has approximately 50 active members
  • 45 women are active in discipleship programs
  • 41 active participants in Bible studies
  • Approximately 80 families have been trained in animal husbandry and are now raising pigs and/or chickens
  • Over 150 latrines have been installed along with over 100 smoke reducing stoves put into homes
  • Approximately 400 families have installed biofilters and been trained on how to use them to obtain clean water and many have started family gardens to supplement their diet
  • Five Nicaraguan missionaries have been trained in CHE methodology via a Nicaraguan Mission Organization, FUMIN.
  • 35 people gave their lives to Christ through working with the teachers/volunteers of CHE Nicaragua
  • Four new community CHE programs were initiated

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 1.16.37 PMPhoto: Teaching Electrician Skills

All of these results are due to your prayers and donations in supporting God’s people serving their neighbors in Nicaragua.  Thank you for those prayers and donations.

If you’d like to read an unedited Christmas Newsletter from the CHE Association of Nicaragua please visit

If you want to learn how the Nueva Segovia communities we began working with eight years ago are doing and how communities change once the central CHE Nicaragua staff stop their official training, check our website article on how the Jimenez family is helping transform their part of the world at

2020 Opportunities for CHE Nicaragua 

Mail Merge 2Photo: Volunteer teacher working with kids after school

The Nicaraguan CHE Association plans on continuing, and growing, the after school (school is out around noon for most children) CHE programs to feed, tutor and disciple the young Nicaraguans.  They plan on continuing the other programs that have been so successful in the past: Senior CHE, Women’s Cycle of Life, microenterprise and savings groups, discipleship programs and working with other Christian NGO’s that use wholistic Christian development.  One program that is being instituted next year is a program through Christian Medical Action (

This program will bring much needed pharmacy supplies to isolated communities.

Hamar Tribe & Community Health Evangelism 

Amanda and Tim Hepper participated in a medical mission in the Hamar tribe in the south western part of Ethiopia and were deeply troubled.  You see, the Hamar people are beautiful and colorful and are very tribal – wearing animal skins interictally decorated with beading. The troubling part is that they have some dark rituals including a cattle-leaping ceremony that young men go through in order to reach adulthood. During this ceremony, young Hamar women are beaten (whipped, burned and cut) to prove their love for their kinsmen. Every woman we saw had many scars on their backs. They also believe that if children have their top two teeth come in first (or have any deformities) that this presents a curse upon their families. So, they leave these children in the wilderness.

A CHE project has been initiated in this region. The CHE Vision training took place in April of this year alongside the one local Christian church. The majority of participants were very excited with the possibilities of holistic transformation (physical, emotional, and spiritual) and agreed on the need and importance of the CHE ministry. They accepted the vision to move forward with TOT1 and TOT2! They agreed to go to their churches and community to share the lessons they just received and appointed people who will share the vision for their churches and prepare their community for the TOT1 and TOT2 trainings. One amazing thing is that several women participated in the training.

Please pray for the Hamar people, that they hold onto the teachings shared and onto future CHE trainings and that this community be 100% transformed by the loving grace of our Father.

Hamar Photos 2019unnamedunnamedhhrhes

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ 

Acts 20:35 NIV

If your heart/soul is leading you to join in growing God’s Kingdom in Nicaragua or East Africa, we would love to hear from you, or you could click here, DONATE, and give whatever you feel led (on our digital newsletter found at our website).  If you do give now, be sure to write in the comment box how you want the funds to be used. All monies donated to Partnership in HOPE (PiHOPE) are tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes to the program you wish to support (our PiHOPE board members cover all administrative expenses and we are operated by volunteers).


The Nicaraguan CHE Association has big dreams but needs more funds to allow those plans to come to fruition. A donor has stepped up and is willing to match new donations up to $6,000 that come in before February 1, 2020 to support work in Nicaragua. We would love to be able to help our friends grow the Kingdom of God but need your help. If you would like to be apart of this growth, be sure to mention that your donation is new and you wish it to be matched for Nicaragua.

Please continue to pray for the people of Nicaragua and Ethiopia as they face such difficult times.  Pray also that we at Partnership in HOPE listen to God and follow His direction.

May you experience God’s shalom in 2020



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