Covid-19 Makes Life Harder in Nicaragua

The CHE team has contacted us regarding the situation in Nicaragua, the nation is facing the predictable emergence of corona virus in the population. Some people are panic buying and hoarding staple foods. This creates a crisis for those accustomed to daily shopping for small amounts of food (the can’t afford to buy large amounts and many don’t have refrigeration). The CHE team has made a budget for the provision of basic food packets for 8 CHE communities, at a cost of $52.43 per packet.. Please consider giving, as you are able, to support this effort. Perhaps as a Bible study group, or as a family. The CHE Nicaragua Team are hoping to find funding for 100 packets to be distributed among 8 communities at a cost of $5,243.
Partnership in Hope exists to support sustainable development using the CHE model. However, there are times when some relief is justified: Micah 6: exhorts us to ‘act justly, and love mercy…’ This assistance will be distributed as a love-offering, within the context of CHE ministry, demonstrating God’s care and mercy for people who are already eating less than usual because of the economic situation.
As always 100% of all tax deductible donations go directly to the recipients, since PiHOPE is a 501-(c)(3) nonprofit and is an all volunteer organization with all administrative cost donated. You may send checks to:
Partnership in HOPE
203 N Washington, Suite 202
Spokane, WA 99201
Hit the DONATE button above. Be sure to note the donation is to help pay for community food packets during the Corona Virus emergency.
Thank You, and may the peace of Christ be with us as we all confront an unprecedented situation.


And how you were a part of this work
Through God’s grace, you responded when we asked for help in making sewing machines more affordable for women in small rural communities so that they could learn to sew and augment the family income. None of us could have imagined the current situation of Covid-19, but thanks to your ‘hand up’, those women were prepared, and have now made 7,000 face masks! They are on their way to their goal of 13,000 masks!

The masks are given out to Community Health Evangelism groups, high schools, health centers and hospitals in communities in many areas of Nicaragua. In addition, some of the women are also making masks, using their own materials, and selling them as a personal venture to help their families.

Women sewing in their church

Had you not helped these women get launched as seamstresses, their skills would not have been available to help protect their families, their communities and their nation. Thank you for being part of God’s provision for, and protection of communities in Nicaragua. Samaritans Purse, Canada, who work with the CHE Association, funded the purchase of materials.

The latest mask design
Darling Lopez, CHE Women’s Ministry leader, helping to pack masks

Special thanks to Mel West and Rainbow Network.


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