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At Partnership in HOPE our primary focus is on supporting the work of CHE in Kenya and Nicaragua.  You can learn all about our current work and needs on those pages.  In addition to our Kenya and Nicaragua projects below are a few of the Christian NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) and Churches we have worked with in the past.  We do not have any formal partnership agreements with any of these organizations except that we are all on the same team, the body of Christ, and that we love God and people and feel CHE and NT are awesome tools used to help the hurting.


Promote community development in the majority world that seeks to transform individuals both physically and spiritually for Christ.  

Advocate for wholistic community development in North America.

Partner with a number of international non-government organizations to assist in micro-enterprise education to help cultivate whole community economic development. This development must be sustainable and be based on sound biblical values and business ethics.

Offer partner assistance in the global networking of organizations that have a similar heart for transforming the poor both physcially and spiritually.

Facilitate training seminars & conventions for partner organizations that support wholistic community devlopement

Relationship building by providing partner organizations the opporunity to particapte in PiHOPE vision trips.


Global CHE Network is an association of people and organizations using the strategy of Community Health Evangelism to serve impoverished communities around the world. We are networked together for mutual support to share useful ideas and best practices, encourage each other, coordinate efforts, and optimize the use of limited resources. We are a part of this network which supports and learns from each other.

CHE Kenya is the local organization that promotes CHE principles in Kenya. We partner with them by raising funds for their programs; taking teams to see/learn about Kenya and CHE and hosting their leadership when they visit the United States. Board member Ben Davis is our Kenya “lead” and the person who takes individuals on vision trips to Kenya.

The CHE Associations of Nicaragua  is an organization that we partner with in sharing the love of God to the people of Nicaragua.  Three of our board members: Anne Thompson, Bill Freund and Shannon Ahern have lived in Nicaragua and have worked with many of the current board members of the CHE Association of Nicaragua.   You can learn much about what is happening in Nicaragua by reading articles on our website.  The CHE Association there has also begun a new website, https://asociacionecsnicaragua.com/.  If you read Spanish, you’ll enjoy learning more about CHE Nicaragua by visiting their site.

Wings of Healing ~ The vision of Wings of Healing (WoH) is to restore health and hope to the poor and lost of the nations by the saving grace of Jesus Christ for the Glory of God. Wings of Healing works in South Sudan.  

Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) is part of an international network of people who are passionately committed to wholistic mission in the name of Jesus. They believe that practical action and prayer are equally indispensable for transforming lives physically, socially, and spiritually. Their organization brought CHE (Community Health Evangelism) to the world. Today in over 80 countries there are communities using the CHE principles.

We primarily network with Medical Ambassadors and value their advice when dealing with leaders/organizations with which they’ve had a long relationship. We will coordinate funding with them primarily in Kenya.


City Church has put NT (Neighborhood Transformation) into practice by living in the community they serve (Spokane, Wa); loving through volunteering in the neighborhood school and building new relationships even if it means going into the local bars. Our only support has been in providing NT training but we hope to support City Church as they share Christ in word and deed in the Garland neighborhood.    

Neighborhood Transformation is a strategy which helps churches minister in a wholistic manner to people in urban poor neighborhoods. It empowers people to take responsibility for their own lives. It helps neighbors to help their neighbors and moves them from welfare and relief to empowerment. It focuses on assets found in the neighborhood which fosters local ownership instead of being based on problems which they expect outsiders to fix for them. We offer training programs to churches interested in learning more about how this tool can be used to impact neighborhoods.    

Azizi Life is a Christian business whose vision is to participate in local initiatives for the development of Rwandan communities working towards physical and spiritual wholeness for all.  We at Partnership in HOPE support Azizi Life by providing the means for Azizi Life to import and sell products throughout North America.    

Life Center is one of our local partners who share our desire to see God transform the world. We both support CHE (Community Health Evangelism) work in East Africa and Nicaragua. Life Center is kind enough to allow us to use their facilities for many informational and training events. We also coordinate on vision trips to Nicaragua and East Africa.    

Hope Marketplace is a small fair trade business whose goal is to support Christian NGO’s and their partners sell their products in North America. They also have been providing funding for Partnership in HOPE in the past and hope to do more in the future. They currently import, warehouse and ship products for Christian groups and are hoping to open a retail business in Spokane in the near future.

Helping Organizations Promote Empowerment

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