CHE Nicaragua Featured Staff 2016

Dania Jimenez and Jose Luis Jimenez

Both Dania and Jose Luis Jimenez are agricultural engineers, and Dania has been working with various NGO’s most of her twenties. She was sent to Japan by one group for study in crop diversification. Much of the spread of interest in CHE amongst the communities in their municipality has been due to Dania’s work connections over the last few years. In addition, CHE ministry has been able to enter the communities of Mozonte, an indigenous community, because Dania has worked there before and won the trust and friendship of the local women.

Dania is a natural leader, respected by the other CHE leaders. When there is an opportunity for the women to sell their crafts, Dania is the one to organize a sale, and make sure everyone has access to materials, even if they have to take a small loan until after the sale. She has been very active with the women involved with micro-businesses.

Jose Luis is a real doer, tireless in coordinating meetings/activities, and making sure everyone knows what is going on. When he is facilitating a training, he is very open about how much he has learned through CHE, from practical preventive health practices to drawing close to Christ through prayer and Bible study. When Pastor Antonio, from the central CHE team in Managua, visits to lead Bible studies and discipleship groups, Jose Luis takes him to all the communities on his motorcycle.  When he and his brother are not working on the family farm, they enjoy teaching their horse to do dressage – which he does to the music on a cell phone.

Both Dania and Jose lead the CHE family vegetable garden project in the rainy season that has just ended. They help with advice and information on organic practices and crop diversification, both on farms, and in gardens. Their family always has a garden in the rainy season. They are also learning about medicinal plants with Angelika Keppler, a missionary from Germany. Angelika and Johannes Keppler are with the CHE Association, and work closely with Jose Luis and Dania. Johannes is also a farmer.

Dania and Jose Luis have the whole-hearted support of their family in their work with CHE ministry. When there are trainings, and special events, or visiting teams, the family throws the farmhouse open to the visitors. Delightful times are shared in the family kitchen or on the porch.

In summary, it would be true to say that they are both agents of change who put their faith into action, and reputations on the line for CHE, and for the gospel.

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