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Covid-19 Makes Life Harder in Nicaragua

The CHE team has contacted us regarding the situation in Nicaragua, the nation is facing the predictable emergence of corona virus in the population. Some people are panic buying and hoarding staple foods. This creates a crisis for those accustomed to daily shopping for small amounts of food (the can’t afford to buy large amounts and many don’t have refrigeration). The CHE team has made a budget for the provision of basic food packets for 8 CHE communities, at a cost of $52.43 per packet.. Please consider giving, as you are able, to support this effort. Perhaps as a Bible study group, or as a family. The CHE Nicaragua Team are hoping to find funding for 100 packets to be distributed among 8 communities at a cost of $5,243.
Partnership in Hope exists to support sustainable development using the CHE model. However, there are times when some relief is justified: Micah 6: exhorts us to ‘act justly, and love mercy…’ This assistance will be distributed as a love-offering, within the context of CHE ministry, demonstrating God’s care and mercy for people who are already eating less than usual because of the economic situation.
As always 100% of all tax deductible donations go directly to the recipients, since PiHOPE is a 501-(c)(3) nonprofit and is an all volunteer organization with all administrative cost donated. You may send checks to:
Partnership in HOPE
203 N Washington, Suite 202
Spokane, WA 99201
Hit the DONATE button above. Be sure to note the donation is to help pay for community food packets during the Corona Virus emergency.
Thank You, and may the peace of Christ be with us as we all confront an unprecedented situation.


And how you were a part of this work
Through God’s grace, you responded when we asked for help in making sewing machines more affordable for women in small rural communities so that they could learn to sew and augment the family income. None of us could have imagined the current situation of Covid-19, but thanks to your ‘hand up’, those women were prepared, and have now made 7,000 face masks! They are on their way to their goal of 13,000 masks!

The masks are given out to Community Health Evangelism groups, high schools, health centers and hospitals in communities in many areas of Nicaragua. In addition, some of the women are also making masks, using their own materials, and selling them as a personal venture to help their families.

Women sewing in their church

Had you not helped these women get launched as seamstresses, their skills would not have been available to help protect their families, their communities and their nation. Thank you for being part of God’s provision for, and protection of communities in Nicaragua. Samaritans Purse, Canada, who work with the CHE Association, funded the purchase of materials.

The latest mask design
Darling Lopez, CHE Women’s Ministry leader, helping to pack masks

Special thanks to Mel West and Rainbow Network.


Pastor Edin and his wife Juanita

When Pastor Edin was installed as pastor in San Claudio, his wife, Juanita, stood beside him with tears running down her face. They had been called from their home on a lush beautiful island in Lake Nicaragua, to an area that is blasted by the sun, deforested decades ago, and where the land is contaminated from years of pesticide use on cotton crops. Their accommodation, initially, was inadequate, and some of their neighbors did not befriend them because they did not think they would be able to put up with the conditions. However, believing that ‘He who calls you is faithful’, they set themselves to be obedient to the call, loving their neighbors, and sharing the gospel.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 1.28.10 PM
The initial meeting place for the church in 2014

The church that was only a pavilion in 2014, had a spacious church building by 2016.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 1.25.50 PM
The Church in 2016 for Pastor Edin’s Installation

Now, in 2020, thanks to the organization One Child Matters, an extension that includes a kitchen, office, and store room, is being added to the church.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 1.28.16 PM
The New Church Extension in 2020

There is a comfortable parsonage on the property.   The church building has become a center for women of the community to hear the gospel, and to learn skills that help them to augment the family income.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 1.35.31 PM
Women displaying the beautiful patchwork table mats they have made, which should sell well at craft fairs

Juanita has a special heart for the women. She says that there are so many women with no skills, little education, and no confidence to try something new: “And until I joined CHE ministry, I was one of them”. Now she is the sewing teacher for the CHE women’s ministry traveling to other CHE communities to give classes, and train others. Juanita also leads by example, depending on God to give her the strength to be obedient in a hard place, where she daily misses her home on the island, and to lovingly do the good works that God has prepared for her to walk in.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 1.41.18 PM
Juanita finishing her table mats at home

As result of CHE ministry, a woman, who has become a real friend, has had her life transformed by meeting Jesus. She put her trust in Him, and since then has seen her husband change his life. The family is experiencing the peace of Christ in their home. Juanita prayed for someone in the community whom she could disciple. A young girl, Izamar, began to meet with her to study the Bible, and accepted Jesus. Juanita continues to disciple her, and Izamar has become a strong leader in the CHE ministry,  teaching art classes to women and children, as well as the Children’s CHE Bible classes.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 1.35.40 PM
Pastor Edin with his wife, Juanita, and Izamar

Five other women meet regularly with Juanita in her home, learning and practicing sewing skills, as well as learning  to love God, and be led by His Spirit.

Pastor Edin is not an official CHE trainer, but he is involved in every way possible in the ministry: making the church building available, supporting and encouraging the women’s ministry, working with parents and children in administration with One Child Matters, and making the most of informal encounters in the community. There are now 12 adult members of the church, and a team of 5 young people who work with Children’s CHE, combined with the Samaritan’s Purse program for children.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 1.46.52 PM
Pastor Edin leading a devotional with the women before their sewing class

He is known to everyone from his earlier work here on the Samaritans Purse, Canada, water filter team. The team evangelizes, as well as builds the filters, installs them in homes, and trains the family in their use and maintenance. This has helped Pastor Edin when he has met with opposition and slander: people have defended him, saying, “We know you, we know you would not have done/said this thing.” Thanks be to God for preparing him to face attacks, and for being his true defender.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 1.47.45 PM
Pastor Edin on his way to another community

Pastor Edin hopes to work with Pastor Chico, of the central CHE training team, to establish a model garden in the grounds of the church. This will serve as an example of productivity for the neighbors and church members involved, as well as nearby communities. Pastor Chico will be featured soon on this site: His gardens, in the small area around the house where he and Darling live, are a marvel to behold.

The dream of the church garden is attainable now that there is a well on the property. If you would like to contribute to this project, for the purchase of tools, irrigation, and seeds, that would be wonderful! Click Here to Donate!

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 1.52.13 PM
The new well




CHE Association News – Christmas 2019

Romans 15:13  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Dear friends,

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for the CHE Association, Nicaragua. We are all so grateful for your desire to support the ministry of dedicated Nicaraguan Christians whom God has called to be missionaries within their own country. This ministry has had, and continues to have, a profound impact in many rural communities in several areas of the country. In this letter we will give you some snapshots of the lives and communities where God is using Community Health Evangelism to draw people to himself, and to teach a gospel of good news for the whole person the whole family, the whole community.

This year the CHE Association has begun work in 4 new communities, sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse, Canada: Pacaya, Walter Arrata, Bayardo Arce, and Ciudad Dario.

HOW MANY COMMUNITIES CURRENTLY ACTIVE IN ECS – receiving training visits HOW many continue the lifestyle?

CHE always combines the spiritual and the practical in community trainings. Due to the increased unemployment and emigration, communities have chosen to focus the practical trainings on economic stability. The CHE training team is encouraging people to form, and participate in, savings groups. This cultivates the habit of saving, and promotes good economic stewardship. Members contribute between $1 and $3 a month during the year.  They save, typically, for Christmas expenses, school expenses, and withdraw at the end of the year, though some people leave a portion to carry over into the next year. They make loans among themselves at low rates of interest, agreed upon by the group, thus increasing their savings. Members are learning that they CAN save.

In Walter Arrata, a young woman learned about the importance of presentation in a CHE training. Her mother sells a variety of grain mixtures for traditional soft drinks, and was not doing well at sales. Her daughter, armed with her new knowledge, and the trainers’ help in planning, took the initiative to go to the market and buy the items to improve packaging and presentation. Her mother went out to sell – she sold everything she had!

Trainer Maria Felix is so thrilled to see the development of the children who come to the 3x weekly lunches (to boost child nutrition). CHE volunteers in the communities lead the discipleship program, ‘New Adventure’: 200 children participated, and 50 accepted Christ. The volunteers also check homework, and provide academic support, particularly in math and Spanish. The children do crafts and play games in a wholesome environment.

This program was begun during the crisis in 2018, thanks to all of you who contributed through Partnership in Hope.After 9 months the program was continued by 2 Nicaraguan organizations: Meal Plan, and the Rainbow Network. Maria Felix says that the children are less shy, she sees them growing in their faith.

The CHE training team has been very encouraged by the interest that the new communities have in taking initiative to address their needs, instead of complaining about how much they lack. Community members and the training team thank God for giving us the courage to take on challenges, united in faith and purpose.

A town clean-up day was organized in Walter Arrata and Bayardo Arce. These Seed Projects are done very early in CHE ministry for the CHE members, as a group, to demonstrate love to their communities. The 2 groups coordinated the work day with the Mayor’s office, and the Ministry of Health to clean up roads where people throw grey water into the streets. The mosquitos breed in the puddles and cause dengue and malaria. The CHE group hopes that, as has happened other communities, this seed project could be the beginning of permanent change of habits, leading to a healthier community.

In one CHE community there are 15 members who are single mothers under 18 years old.  Please pray that they find mentors and spiritual ‘mothers’ amongst the older women in the group.

One of the girls is Fernanda. She has just turned 14, and is the mother of 3 month old Dilan, born prematurely. We don’t know what happened to her parents, but she lived with a grandmother who died last year. She met her boyfriend then, and he abandoned her when she became pregnant. Fernanda did not finish elementary school. She is able to live with a friend, and makes tortillas and homemade cheese to buy formula and diapers for her baby. Fernanda hopes to sell the hair accessories and other items that she is learning to make in the CHE classes to increase her income. She also hope to resume her studies one day.

For all the teen mothers in the group, we pray that God would provide for them and protect them. We encourage them to take care of themselves and their babies, and to use what they are learning in the CHE program.

We long for all those who participate in CHE to receive salvation through Jesus. Please pray that God will give us the wisdom that only He can give, so that we can share the gospel effectively. We want to see healing in Jesus for those who come to meetings burdened by various problems.

The collaboration with World Vision, who provided an initial donation of fabric, and purchased a  worked very well for the sewing groups in Leon, who are now selling their products well, contributing to the family income.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 1.12.18 PM.pngPhoto: Young women posing with the corsages and wallets they have just learned to make. Their CHE trainer, Fatima, is 3rd from the right.

In order to raise some funds within Nicaragua groups of women are selling Flor de Jamaica (used to make drinks), and coffee. The CHE Association buys their products, and sells them in Managua, making a profit which is applied to materials for communities, or contributions to Children CHE. They also sell cheese and fish from other communities when possible. This is an area of work which the Association would like to expand, as it benefits the communities, the Association, and helps the women get work experience, if they don’t have that.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 1.14.27 PMPhoto: Class in progress.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 1.15.51 PM.pngPhoto: 15th birthday table centerpieces. These can be sold.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 1.16.37 PMPhoto: 6 young men between 14 and 20 years of age are in Pastor Chico’s class on residential electricity.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 1.17.47 PM.pngPhoto: Baby CHE modeling the headband and other accessories her mother had made for her in the class. Even now, these are things that people buy as gifts.

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 1.19.31 PM.pngPhoto: This woman is one of 10 selected to receive a young pig to raise to help with family food security. When the pig breeds she will pass one of the piglets on to bless someone else as she and her family have been blessed. Other groups of women are raising chickens in the same manner.

Prayer requests:

  • To finish the year in the black
  • For the Association trainers and board members to be strong and of good courage, knowing that the Lord is with them, wherever they go, and depending on Him for the provision of all their needs.
  • For all the discipleship programs, the Bible studies, and the home visits made by the CHE volunteers. May those who know Him reflect Christ in all their encounters.
  • May the children’s programs influence the parents, and may the children be firmly rooted and grounded in love, so that Christ may dwell in their hearts by faith.(Eph 3:17). Pray that they hold fast to their new faith as they grow up.

2019 Update on CHE Leaders Dania Jimenez and Jose Luis Jimenez

CHE ministry in a new community may begin with the general community, a church, or with a family. In the Jicaro, Nueva Segovia communities the Jimenez family have been key in the development of a ministry that:

  • Has impacted 6 communities
  • Has 300 children in discipleship classes
  • 500 women working in CHE
  • 100 women have their own businesses as a result of CHE training
  • 30 men are making hammocks (thanks to classes through CHE)

Communities have successfully worked on community projects, such as:

  • A well
  • A school
  • Latrines
  • Ovens
  • Efficient Wood Stoves
  • Scholarships
  • Child feeding stations, which include scholastic support

We can say truthfully that God uses families in the transformation of their communities.


The Jimenez family includes the 2 CHE Area leaders: brother and sister, Jose Luis (wearing blue) and Dania (in pink). God has given them the strength to face difficulties, as well as love and patience in their work.

Their mother, Lila, Mama Lila to all of us, and their father, Don Tulio, have welcomed CHE trainers from other part of the country, and accommodated everyone at, what must have been, considerable inconvenience. Tania, their younger sister, participates in CHE trainings, and helps her mother produce delicious meals to be consumed on their wide, shady porch.

Masiel, in red, is a capable young farmer, often to be seen bringing the cows home. The family has farmed there for over 50 years, always planting corn and beans. This year, the bean crop did very poorly, so Masiel decided to try tomatoes, with seeds provided by ECHO in Florida. ( So far, the plants are doing well, so we ask God to provide a bountiful harvest.



CHE Nicaragua Featured Staff 2016

Dania Jimenez and Jose Luis Jimenez

Both Dania and Jose Luis Jimenez are agricultural engineers, and Dania has been working with various NGO’s most of her twenties. She was sent to Japan by one group for study in crop diversification. Much of the spread of interest in CHE amongst the communities in their municipality has been due to Dania’s work connections over the last few years. In addition, CHE ministry has been able to enter the communities of Mozonte, an indigenous community, because Dania has worked there before and won the trust and friendship of the local women.

Dania is a natural leader, respected by the other CHE leaders. When there is an opportunity for the women to sell their crafts, Dania is the one to organize a sale, and make sure everyone has access to materials, even if they have to take a small loan until after the sale. She has been very active with the women involved with micro-businesses.

Jose Luis is a real doer, tireless in coordinating meetings/activities, and making sure everyone knows what is going on. When he is facilitating a training, he is very open about how much he has learned through CHE, from practical preventive health practices to drawing close to Christ through prayer and Bible study. When Pastor Antonio, from the central CHE team in Managua, visits to lead Bible studies and discipleship groups, Jose Luis takes him to all the communities on his motorcycle.  When he and his brother are not working on the family farm, they enjoy teaching their horse to do dressage – which he does to the music on a cell phone.

Both Dania and Jose lead the CHE family vegetable garden project in the rainy season that has just ended. They help with advice and information on organic practices and crop diversification, both on farms, and in gardens. Their family always has a garden in the rainy season. They are also learning about medicinal plants with Angelika Keppler, a missionary from Germany. Angelika and Johannes Keppler are with the CHE Association, and work closely with Jose Luis and Dania. Johannes is also a farmer.

Dania and Jose Luis have the whole-hearted support of their family in their work with CHE ministry. When there are trainings, and special events, or visiting teams, the family throws the farmhouse open to the visitors. Delightful times are shared in the family kitchen or on the porch.

In summary, it would be true to say that they are both agents of change who put their faith into action, and reputations on the line for CHE, and for the gospel.

What Impact has CHE had on the Communities of Nicaragua in 2015?

As of January 30, 2016

The CHE Association of Nicaragua has reached the following number of individuals in the area of Leon:

• 180 kids involved with Children’s CHE
• 225 women involved with CHE
• 140 women involved in learning skills, such as baking sewing, beauty and improving pottery skills
• 10 family gardens

In the 8 Jicaro communities:

• 8 local community trainers
• 75 women working in sewing
• 60 women working in baking
• 10 family gardens
• 120 in discipleship groups
• 46 people received advanced training via TOT2 classes
• 46 participated in micro-business training

In Somotillo-Santa Rosa

• 3 women are working with CHE Managua
• 145 kids attend Children’s CHE at the Esperanza en Cristo (Hope in Christ) church
• 25 attend CHE discipleship groups
• 9 women in the Wholistic Restoration group

The CHE Association of Nicaragua is starting a new program in East Nicaragua (the Caribbean side) in Rosita soon and working with FUMIN (

A new missionary couple from Germany is partnering with the CHE Association of Nicaragua. They will be working with micro-business initiatives and natural medicine.

The Eastern Nicaraguan (Caribbean side) city of Rosita has asked for CHE training and the CHE Association of Nicaragua will soon begin CHE training in Rosita.

Women’s Cycle of Life

Women’s Cycle of Life leader: I love to see that spark in women!  I love to see them come alive, and realize that they can learn!  That they have talents, that Jesus can work through them to transform their families, and their communities.

For many women meeting Jesus through Women’s Cycle of Life, God is truly giving them beauty for ashes. They are new creations in Christ Jesus.


Through Women of CHE classes women have the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as refine their skills.

Two women have started their own bakeries with enthusiastic support from their husbands. Others are making their own birthday and Mother’s Day cakes, which saves money.

One woman added home-made donuts to the snacks she sells outside the school, a step which has boosted sales.  Many have taken cake-decorating classes with a government program.


The sewing classes in one community began with the village seamstress generously teaching her skills, and sharing her sewing machine.  The women came to learn in small groups throughout the week.  Recycled secondhand clothing was used for practice.  Thank you to all the seamstresses in the US who generously share their fabric stashes so that CHE women can make attractive items to sell, and begin to augment their income.

CHE Nicaragua Featured Volunteer

Janneth with happy group San Diego
Janeth (Far Right) is a gifted leader and teacher.

“One of the things I love most about CHE is that the ministry enters the community like Jesus entered communities, without excluding anyone.  The women who come are a testimony  of how CHE Entered the community.  CHE is acting upong the Great Commission – I love it!

CHE ministry works without thinking of denominations, or of social classes. For example, we have Catholics, evangelicals, and non-believers all working together: there is good communication, and we have good relationships. We look for those in the community who really need the gospel, instead of staying with the Christians.

Before becoming involved in CHE, I thought that people had to go to evangelical /Protestant churches. Now I have learned to say – yes, go to your church, pray, give your life to Jesus – God has a purpose for your life – without insisting that someone change their church…

Yes, I love CHE! And now my husband (Pastor Alejandro) wants to see CHE start in Esteli! And that is because of what he saw in the CHE ministry on Ometepe when our family was part of a team visiting the island. (They were there with Anne and Bill’s team in February.)”


CHE Nicaragua Featured Staff 2015


D and C teaching Dec 2013.jpeg“Darling Janette Lopez Ramos is a trained lawyer who has been working with CHE in Nicaragua since 2002 when she began working with the community of San Juan near the city of Boaco.  She eventually was responsible for setting up the Nicaraguan Woman’s Cycle of Life programs throughout Nicaragua.  Recently Darling and her husband Ramirez Lopez (Chico), a pastor of a Managua church, took the leadership role in organizing and setting up CHE programs in ten communities on the Island of Ometepe.  Currently Darling and Chico are working to establish CHE communities in Northern Nicaragua near the city of Ocotal.
Darling also trains CHE women in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic through the Woman’s Cycle of Life program while Chico is a leader of the FIEMCA church in Nicaragua.  These two sacrifice much to share Christ and to help the hurting of Nicaragua.  If you’d like to support their work in Nicaragua, you may donate here.  Know that 100% of your donation goes to them—there are no administrative costs.  These two live a very simple life style not even owning a car but using the Nicaraguan bus system to reach the communities they serve.  Many times they have continued serving without pay in order to support what God is doing in Nicaragua.”  “Darling Janette Lopez Ramos is a trained lawyer who has been working with CHE in Nicaragua since 2002 when she began working with the community of San Juan near the city of Boaco.  She eventually was responsible for setting up the Nicaraguan Woman’s Cycle of Life programs throughout Nicaragua.  Recently Darling and her husband Ramirez Lopez (Chico), a pastor of a Managua church, took the leadership role in organizing and setting up CHE programs in ten communities on the Island of Ometepe.  Currently Darling and Chico are working to establish CHE communities in Northern Nicaragua near the city of Ocotal. Darling also trains CHE women in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic through the Woman’s Cycle of Life program while Chico is a leader of the FIEMCA church in Nicaragua.  These two sacrifice much to share Christ and to help the hurting of Nicaragua.  If you’d like to support their work in Nicaragua, you may donate here.  Know that 100% of your donation goes to them—there are no administrative costs.  These two live a very simple life style not even owning a car but using the Nicaraguan bus system to reach the communities they serve.  Many times they have continued serving without pay in order to support what God is doing in Nicaragua.”

Featured Community Nueva Sogivia

CHE at work in Nueva Sogivia

We are proud to introduce you to the CHE community of Nueva Sogivia.  We have watched the community transform and prosper and here are some of our most recent stories.

Group with water project.jpgThe Well Project
The Jicaro area has bad water.  This well project was the result of a colaboration between the community, a church in the US, and the mayor’s office – which was co-ordinated by the CHE group.

Focused on Prevention
This  photo shows the Dr Romero exercise at a Vision seminar:  Participants decide where an illness/condition can best be treated – in the community, in the clinic, or the hospital.  In the photo you can clearly see that most of the common diseases can be treated in the community.  Or better yet, prevented in the community.  Remember, CHE emphasizes prevention.

Women in the Community
Women are using their newly learned craft skills:  they are selling bags and purses in the universities in Ocotal.  Women are starting baking businesses, or incorporating new products into an existing business.

New Ways to Thrive
Men in Pie de Cuesta have learned to make hammocks sponsored by The CHE Association team.  One of the concerns that emerged from the CHE committee training’s is the economic difficulties families face in the time after the crops are planted.  These men are using that waiting time to make hammocks.  They are also making more elaborate hammocks to appeal to tourists or visitors.