CHE Nicaragua Featured Volunteer

Janneth with happy group San Diego
Janeth (Far Right) is a gifted leader and teacher.

“One of the things I love most about CHE is that the ministry enters the community like Jesus entered communities, without excluding anyone.  The women who come are a testimony  of how CHE Entered the community.  CHE is acting upong the Great Commission – I love it!

CHE ministry works without thinking of denominations, or of social classes. For example, we have Catholics, evangelicals, and non-believers all working together: there is good communication, and we have good relationships. We look for those in the community who really need the gospel, instead of staying with the Christians.

Before becoming involved in CHE, I thought that people had to go to evangelical /Protestant churches. Now I have learned to say – yes, go to your church, pray, give your life to Jesus – God has a purpose for your life – without insisting that someone change their church…

Yes, I love CHE! And now my husband (Pastor Alejandro) wants to see CHE start in Esteli! And that is because of what he saw in the CHE ministry on Ometepe when our family was part of a team visiting the island. (They were there with Anne and Bill’s team in February.)”


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