Featured Community Nueva Sogivia

CHE at work in Nueva Sogivia

We are proud to introduce you to the CHE community of Nueva Sogivia.  We have watched the community transform and prosper and here are some of our most recent stories.

Group with water project.jpgThe Well Project
The Jicaro area has bad water.  This well project was the result of a colaboration between the community, a church in the US, and the mayor’s office – which was co-ordinated by the CHE group.

Focused on Prevention
This  photo shows the Dr Romero exercise at a Vision seminar:  Participants decide where an illness/condition can best be treated – in the community, in the clinic, or the hospital.  In the photo you can clearly see that most of the common diseases can be treated in the community.  Or better yet, prevented in the community.  Remember, CHE emphasizes prevention.

Women in the Community
Women are using their newly learned craft skills:  they are selling bags and purses in the universities in Ocotal.  Women are starting baking businesses, or incorporating new products into an existing business.

New Ways to Thrive
Men in Pie de Cuesta have learned to make hammocks sponsored by The CHE Association team.  One of the concerns that emerged from the CHE committee training’s is the economic difficulties families face in the time after the crops are planted.  These men are using that waiting time to make hammocks.  They are also making more elaborate hammocks to appeal to tourists or visitors.

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